Welcome to the world of aquariums!

The wonder of being able to experience a window into the natural world in ones own home - it is no wonder that fish and aquarium keeping has become such a popular hobby. Whether it is an underwater world of brilliantly coloured fish, a natural aquarium full of lush underwater plants, or a fascinating coral reef, creating that perfect aquarium is the dream of any aquarium keeper.

With over 25 years experience, Giesemann has made a name as the world leader in aquarium lighting technology, aquarium systems etc. In the vast array of products you will find all your aquarium needs including innovative modular furniture systems, technical installations for water treatment, test kits and other accessories.


Aquarium lighting to meet the highest demands

Here you will find an overview of every aspect of aquarium lighting, and all relevant products - everything from the most up to date LED technology, models VERVVE, VIVA, FUTURA, AURORA or PULZAR, to the very reliable and extremely efficient T-5 lighting systems with models MATRIXX or RAZOR.


Beautiful living with an Aquarium

In the Giesemann factory, Giesemann manufacture high-end aquarium systems, with an array of technically interesting detail. High quality materials such as glass and aluminium, or skilfully manufactured high-gloss polished wooden finishes are used, to refine your living space.


Water analysis

Additives for optimised water

Precise water parameters as close as possible to nature are essential prerequisites of a perfect aquarium. For the precise analysis of your aquarium water Giesemann provide professional water test kits as well as an extensive range of products for water optimisation, control of the water conditions using the ROWA range of products.


Optimal lighting sources

A crucial aspect of perfect illumination, besides the lighting systems you use is the type of lights you choose i.e. the optimum HQI bulb or the fluorescent tube itself. GIESEMANN lighting systems are therefore generally delivered with the matching lights (fluorescent lighting tubes and bulbs) in original manufacturer quality. We always equip our lighting systems with the original Giesemann MEGACHROME HQI bulbs and our POWERCHROME T-5 fluorescent tubes. Lamps from our brand have extraordinary reputation worldwide.


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